Gain insight into your software performance

You want to understand the behavior and performance of your applications, but you’re really not sure where to start. Should you use this tool or that one? What should you be monitoring and why?

Aster Labs is a one-of-a-kind consulting company. While many monitoring companies are busy trying to sell you the latest tool that magically solves your problems, Aster Labs helps you improve your team and culture. No carpenter ever became world-class because they bought a certain hammer, and the same goes for the industry titans we love to scrutinize. Netflix isn’t successful because of their tools: it’s because of what they know and how they approach challenges. It’s through concerted efforts to improve and not accepting silver bullets.

If you want personalized assistance from a monitoring specialist, Aster Labs is here to help. The principal, Mike Julian, is the author of O’Reilly’s Practical Monitoring, the editor of the popular Monitoring Weekly newsletter, and he’s helped many companies just like yours to improve their understanding of their software behavior.

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