What’s your challenge?

Are you a Sensu user?

Sensu Professional Services

As a long-time member of the Sensu community myself, I offer a range of custom-designed Sensu professional services.

My monitoring kinda stinks. I don’t even know where to start!

Don’t fret–I understand. Fixing a broken monitoring platform can be overwhelming. If you’re not sure where to start, I have three recommendations for you:

Monitoring Weekly

Monitoring Weekly is a curated email newsletter that delivers the latest news and tools in monitoring to your inbox every week. Best of all? It’s free!

Practical Monitoring: Effective Strategies For the Real World

My book, Practical Monitoring, is written for people just like you who want to improve their monitoring but aren’t sure where to start. It contains 165 pages of practical, actionable advice for improving everything from your on-call rotation to your application instrumentation. This book is a great starting point for anyone looking to improve monitoring at their companies.

We want new and better tools.

Ready for new monitoring tools but not sure which ones? Expert guidance on selecting the right tools for you is worth every penny. Avoid buyer’s remorse by doing a bit more due diligence up-front. I’ll work with your team to understand why your current tools aren’t meeting their needs, what they’d like to see, and then come up with the best options for you to explore.

Price: Inquire

Our outage response is haphazard and reactive. We never know who is supposed to be doing what.

Do you often find yourself on unsure footing during an outage as to who’s in charge of what? Are outages lasting longer than they should? Improving your incident response procedures will turn your outage response into a well-oiled machine. We’ll walk through your current incident management process, discuss where it’s causing you problems, and then design a custom-tailored incident management process just for you that’s easy to use, easy to understand, and doesn’t place a ton of burden on your team.

Price: Inquire

We’re drowning in noisy alerts, false alarms, and our customers tell us about problems before our monitoring does.

Are noisy alerts causing your team to lose precious sleep? Are your customers telling you about problems before your monitoring does? A deep dive into your architecture will yield all the metrics, logs, and alerts you’re missing, as well as improve upon the ones you already have. Additionally, I will provide a framework for continually improving these over time.

Price: Inquire

I don’t know exactly what we need you for, but I know we need your expertise around. Can I call you whenever I have questions?

Certainly! If you’d like to have access to me on an as-needed basis, I offer a retainer service. For a monthly recurring fee, you will have unlimited access to me by phone, email, or video chat. This is a great option for the CTO looking for an expert they can rely on at any time. This retainer contains no deliverables, as it is purely advice-based. Three month minimum engagement length.

Price: Inquire

I’d like assistance that’s more custom-tailored to my problem. Can you do that?

Absolutely. Just click the button below and tell me what’s on your mind. I’m sure we can come up with a way to solve your challenge.

The Mike Julian Guarantee

I want you to be thrilled after working with me. If for any reason you aren’t, I promise I will work with you on whatever you feel was missed. If you expected more attention in a specific area that didn’t receive it, I will make sure to rectify that until you are thoroughly pleased. If, after I attempt to resolve the problem and still cannot to your satisfaction, I will refund the entire project fee–no questions asked.

I cultivate long-term relationships with clients and having unhappy customers for any reason doesn’t help either of us. You can be assured that when you work with me, you will leave happy.

Why should I hire you?

  • I’m the author of O’Reilly’s Practical Monitoring and the editor of a popular monitoring email newsletter, Monitoring Weekly. I keep up on the best practices and the latest monitoring trends so you don’t have to.
  • I specializing in holistic monitoring strategy. That is, I help you create a complete monitoring strategy to protect your business and customers instead of just implementing tools. I’m not your typical contractor–I’m more of a trusted partner.
  • I’ve helped many well-known companies solve their monitoring challenges, including Hornblower Cruises & Events, a Target subsidiary, Airbnb, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a YCombinator finance company, and many more. You can see what they had to say themselves on my testimonials page.
  • You will work directly with me and only me — you won’t be shuffled off to junior employees or subcontracted labor.

How I work

  • I conduct all of my engagements remotely, using video chat, Slack, and phone.
  • I don’t bill by the hour so you always know in advance what the financial investment will be for my assistance.
  • My fees are due in full, upfront. This arrangement allows us to focus on solving your challenges rather than worrying about the bare minimum necessary to call a project “done.” When you work with me, the project is done when you say it is — no more worrying about feeling the pressure to sign off prematurely. (and don’t forget my guarantee and refund policy above!)

Are we a good fit for each other?

If you like how I work and:

  • Operate a medium-size or larger environment (more than ~200 infrastructure nodes, whether they are AWS instances, baremetal servers, network switches, or what-have-you)
  • Want an expert consultant to help you solve real business problems, rather than a contractor to just implement the latest hot tool
  • Are ultimately responsible for the health, performance, and availability of your company’s product/service

then we are probably a great fit for each other.